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Time is too short…

To be measured with a cheap watch

WatchChat - Horology and Watch Collecting
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Watch Chat is an English language community offering wristwatch discussion, information, news, and education. This is a place where you can share pictures of your collection or your newest watch, discuss current and vintage models of all the watch brands and seek help and advice on any given watch-related topic. Please note that while WatchChat covers a broad range of subjects, not every watch-related topic is appropriate for this site, and we ask that visitors familiarize themselves with the following Guidelines before using the site. By participating on WatchChat, you agree to accept these guidelines and this User Agreement.

1. Always be considerate of others. Inappropriate posts will be removed.

2. Do not buy, sell, advertise, or promote any watches. If you have items for sale on the internet, do not discuss or post images of items on the discussion forum.

3. Do not post links to or URLs for sites where watches or related items are offered for sale, or to sites offering watch discussion. Do not post links to or URLs for sites where replica or counterfeit goods are sold.

4. Please do not bring outside disputes into the forums.

5. Trolls, shills, and disruptive visitors are not welcome, and their posts will be removed.

6. Please do not post threads leading to political or controversial discussion.

7. Messages posted on WatchChat may sometimes include links to other Internet sites. WatchChat does not endorse any such sites or their content.